Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And in the end . . .

Hey, looks like tomorrow will be my last show of the summer, so I thought I might feature "last songs" -- the best last songs on albums. Got any suggestions?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to the Afrofuture

I had asked for some assistance with an Afrofuturist set from my friend Mike, but he didn't get back to me in time (in truth I gave only a couple of days). But after the last show he sent me a list of 103 songs I could use! So I needed to revisit it.

I mostly used his setlist. I made specific rules for which songs I would use (play them in order, don't play an artist I did last week, only one song per artist, etc.) and then through the rules out the window once I became desperate to find the next track. I need to work on my music sleuthing skills -- I often find bands I like to be in between two categories -- seems like Funkadelic should be in Rock and Parliament in Soul/R+B? Or what about the folk rock I like -- which category? What is experimental and what is electronic? I often wish we could just categorize all music together alphabetically and be done with it.

So here's my setlist for my July 17 show, which is basically all Mike:

 Brides of Funkenstein  Mother May I?
 The Jackson Five  Dancing Machine
 Sly and the Family Stone  Spaced Cowboy
 Miles Davis  Sanctuary
 Alice Coltrane  Radhe-Shyam
 Herbie Hancock  Ostinato (Suite for Angela)
 McCoy Tyner  fly with the wind
 Lee Scratch Perry & Full Experience  Disco Devil
 King Tubby  African Roots
 Culture  Black Starliner Must Come
 Earth Wind & Fire  Fantasy
 Herbie Hancock  Rockit
 Model 500  Milky Way
 Newcleus  Jam On It
 Digable Planets  TIme & Space (A New Refutation Of)
 bernie worrell  flex
 De La Soul  Transmitting Live From Mars
 theesatisfaction  eathseed
 janelle monae  BabopbyeYa
 DJ Spooky  Anansi's Gambit
 Flying Lotus  Do The Atral Plane
 zomby  mozaik
 Flying Lotus  Computer Face/Pure Being
 Funkadelic  Electric Spanking of War Babies
 Funkadelic  Eulogy and Light
 Marvin Gaye  A Funky Space Reincarnation
 labelle  black holes in the sky
 blood sweat and tears  ride captain ride
 TV on the Radio  Satellite
 Sun Ra  Astro Black

Friday, July 11, 2014


This picture of Minneapolis-based funk band Flyte Tyme inspired me to try to investigate the genre of Afrofuturism in music. But, while I really wanted this band to be the weird underground brothers of Parliament-Funkadelic, turns out this was just their awesome Halloween costumes, circa 1980.

Only really did a surface look at a few artists who would fit in the Afrofuturist category, before moving onto other things on my July 10 show

Here are  the ten songs I picked . . .

Sun Ra Space is the Place
Parliament Funkadelic Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Axiom Funk Pray My Soul
Flyte Time It's The Things That You Do
Starship Commander Woo Woo Master Ship (excerpt)
Shuggie Otis XL-30
Curtis Mayfield Future Shock
Guitar Red Disco From a Space Show
Dr. Octagon Earth People
Deltron 3030 Mastermind

Next week? I dunno!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Journey Through the Setlist

 The Orb  Slug Dub
 Bill Fay  Garden Song
 Roots of Oak  Donovan
 XTC  Summers Cauldron
 Genesis  I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
 Animal Collective  Grass
 Ashra  Sunrain
 Forest  Bluebell Dance
 Linda Perhacs  Chimacum Rain
 The Move  Flowers in the Rain
 Arbouretum  Waxing Crescents
 Vashti Bunyan  Glow Worms
 Barclay James Harvest  Pools of Blue
 Agalloch  Odal
 Beau Brummels  The Wolf of Velvet Fortune
 The Strawbs  Witchwood
 The Bevis Frond  Cries from the Inner Marshland
 Genesis  Stagnation
 Pressurehed  Bluff Creek, and Beyond
 King Crimson  Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds)
 Farflung  Silver Shrooms
 Chad VanGaalen  Monster
 Edward Ka-Spel  Swamp Thing/Simone Is/Red Letters/Katha
 Blur  Swamp Song
 The Bogmen  Englewood
 Mermen  Blue Xoam
 Pink Floyd  Obscured By Clouds
 Dungen  Satt Att Se
 Roberty Wyatt  Sea Song
 Amorphous Androgynous  Opus of the Black Sun
 Hawkwind  Time We Left This World Today
 The Beatles  Across the Universe
 Tom Lehrer  We Will All Go Together When We Go

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Journey Through the Inner Marshland

Tune in tomorrow (July 3, 2014) to noon-3 p.m. EST to hear the latest Boojum Pudding show. This week I'm inspired by various British folk, psychedelic and progressive rock songs (though not exclusively) to create a fantastical journey from the home garden over green hills through forests and swamplands and finally to the sea. We might even meet some monsters, which may or may not be metaphorical. In fact the entire journey may in fact be an elaborate analogy. But for what? FOR WHAT?

Still looking for suggestions, so send them in. Many thanks to Mike and Dave who've helped me with the playlist.

Remember: The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrating Nick Drake's birthday (with birthday guests!)

Had my kids come down June 19 to the station to sit in on the show which was fun. They picked a few tracks and I used the sound off their video games as a bed for announcements.

I played an okay Nick Drake cover and had a caller ask for some real Nick Drake because it was his birthday! I'm an avid Nick Drake fan -- at the top is the picture I took in 2000 of his "shroud" which was on display in a record store in Dublin. So I just had to dedicate an entire set for Drake. Here was the complete setlist:

Boards of Canada music is math
john lurie freezing guitar
Monkey Mafia Ward 10
Buckethead Speed Flux Quadrant
Eskimo Happy Home
Hans Reichel Le Bal
Tom Lehrer Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
MGMT Future Games
Daniel Johnston True Love WIll Find You IN THe End
Anna Kendricks Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone"
Scott Matthews Place To Be
David Bowie The Bewlay Brothers
Joanna Newsom Peach, Plum, Pear
Dj Qbert Redworm
Science is Fun
DJ Spooky and Karsh Kale Variation Cybernetique rmx
C418 Minecraft
Nick Drake Way to Blue
Nick Drake Things Behind the Sun
Nick Drake One of These Things First
Lisa Hannigan At the Chime of the City Clock
Nick Drake Hanging on a Star
Lucinda Williams Which WIll
Nick Drake From the Morning
Mr. Scruff Feel free
Napolian Incursio
Sam Amidon He's Taken My Feet
Linda Perhacs Intensity
The Eels Mistakes of My Youth
Chad Van Gaalen Cut off My Hands
The War on Drugs Red Eyes
Wye Oak Before
Blk Jks Zol!
Caetano Veloso Terra
Gashcat Til the Morning Comes
Death We Are Only People

There will be a sub for me on June 26, but I'll be back July 3rd. Have been working on a setlist of marshy, boggy, swampy, moist, mushy, fungus songs. Probably fantastical, so psychedic/progressive rock would probably work pretty well. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marxist Minstrels Setlist

Below you'll find the setlist for my June 5, 2014 Marxist Minstrels show -- it went pretty well. I had some station matters to attend to but had planned everything out enough that I could go on autopilot for a little while.

The interesting thing I noticed about what Rev. Noebel had to say is that most of it was not inaccurate -- his facts were pretty solid! Now, what you interpret from those facts is, where you might differ. . .

So here's the list -- I took out some electronica I played as a bed for soundbites (and most of the songs I played after the main content was over.)

Lulu Belle and Scotty I'm No Communist
The Almanac Singers Talking Union
Pete Seeger Solidarity Forever
The Weavers Pay Me My Money Down
Pete Seeger Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Woody Guthrie This Land is Your Land
Malvina Reynolds Little Boxes
Sis Cunningham No More Store Bought Teeth
Ewan MacColl Dirty Old Town
Chad Mitchell Trio Moscow Nights
Earl Robinson Black and White
Joan Baez Blowin in the Wind
Bob Dylan Ballad of a Thin Man
New Lost CIty Ramblers When First Unto this Country
Guy Carawan We Shall Overcome
Cisco Houston The Tramp
Phil Ochs I Ain't Marchin Anymore
The Serendipity Singers Beans in My Ears
Phil Ochs Draft Dodger Rag
Dave Van Ronk Willie the Weeper
New Christy Minstrels Hallelujah I'm a Bum
Bessie Smith Careless Love
Burl Ives Foggy Foggy Dew
Earl Robinson Joe Hill
Long Haired Preacher Harry McClintock
Mats Paulson Should I Ever Be a Soldier
Alexander Zelkin Meadowland
Woody Guthrie Jesus Christ
Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction
Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips The Internationale

Bonus Track: Antiflag 1914

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 5, 2014 -- Marxist Minstrels!

For my June 5th WCBN show, I'll be examining "the Communist Subversion of AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC" using Rev. David Noebel's 1966(?) spoken word album "The Marxist Minstrels" as a guide.

From the very first issue of Pete Seeger's People's Songs in February 1945, to the latest album by Bob Dylan, Noebel shows us the continue presence of the far-left in folk music.

The spoken word excerpts I'll feature from the album will give history and context to the music -- I've already picked over 70 minutes of songs so I may be able to almost make a complete three hour show of this. If not, I'll turn the show over to requests so the listeners can help me keep the mood going.

Or if I get a lot of angry callers I have this Orrin Hatch album which I'll just put on repeat.

Thursday 12-3 pm on

Friday, May 23, 2014

Boojum Pudding is My New Weekly Show

Noon-3 pm every Thursday on WCBN with me, Candle-Ends, aka Old Man of the Sea, aka Neil.

It's Freeform. Because you love it?