Friday, July 20, 2018

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 7: Red Shift (1978), pt. 1

Done! We talk about the 1978 Play for Today "Red Shift" by Alan Garner. And the book! We talk a lot of background but we do have about 20 minutes of synopsis before the end.

Here's the audio, but surely you would rather download this from apple podcasts or your podcast reader of choice?

Here's the Spotify playlist:

Here's a link to that really good TOR article. The author's name is Jo Walton:

Here's Apaches:

Great short doc about Garner:

And yet weren't these shown at night?

A galaxy (quickly moving) far, far, away.


Hints of Eden?


Tom and Jan.

Sergeant Major.


John Fowler.

Rather gory.