Sunday, November 8, 2015

New podcast! Plus some music to go with . . . the audio of the podcast??

Ok that doesn't make much sense. But there's a new episode of my podcast "Hunting for Candle-Ends" up. Mike and I discuss the genre of "Folk Horor." Specifically, British folk horror of the 70s, such as The Wicker Man, Children of the Stones, Blood on Satan's Claw, Penda's Fen and The Owl Service! You can hear it on soundcloud:

My show "Boojum Pudding" gradually became focused more and more on 70s British music as summer 2015 went on. The shows are interesting to me in retrospect because I was buzzing around the music genre of "hauntology" and the film/televsion genre of "folk horror" while lacking the term or enough knowledge to know exactly what I was looking for as far as music to play. For one show I spent a long while thinking about my love of British 70s children's shows such as Tomorrow People and Doctor Who and I was also thinking about the band Boards of Canada -- what was their sound? How does it really tie into the 70s science fiction? I'm sure BBC Radiophonic workshop is related, but how? Are there any other bands like Boards of Canada -- I googled it and couldn't find anything. Now I know that what I was looking for was the genre of "hauntology" but I had no clue at the time what that was.

For my August 29 show I had just rediscovered the 1973 movie The Wicker Man and was finding the similarities between folk music, the wicker man and children of the stones and trying to put my finger on what was special about it. This was before I'd heard of "folk horror" or realized it was a thing. Mostly I focused on the pagan part of this music for this show which you can hear below. There's some additional stuff at the beginning, please be patient.