Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 8: Red Shift (1978), pt. 2

Hello -- here it is, we're wrapping up Red Shift for now. But maybe as we discuss in the podcast it will be reopened again in the distant future?

Here's the audio. But have you heard the good word about apple podcasts or your podcast reader of choice?

 The Folk Horror Revival publication "21st Century Ghost Stories" is now available. As is "The Wytch Hunters' Manual."

Here are some cool shots from a cool TV movie:

Holding him.

Me, her and the Bunty.

Corn goddess.

St Bertoline's Church is in the village of Barthomley, Cheshire. 

Discussing imports/exports.

Gone badly.

Speaking to the Heavens, or the Earth?

Love in the grass.

Changing stations.



Here's the Spotify playlist (which now has music from both episodes):