Friday, May 18, 2018

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 3: The Wicker Man (1973), pt. 3

It's all wrapped, our discussion of The Wicker Man that is, which you can find here: 

First up, how about some EXCLUSIVE pictures from Mike's trip to Puerto Varas, Chile during the Carnaval del Sur (literally Carnival of the South). Very May Day procession, even with its own wicker statue. Interesting to read that Puerto Varas was founded by German immigrants, though I don't know if that's why these costumes are reminiscent of European festivals. The pictures were taken in November, 2017 (Spring in South America.)

All these photos are copyright Michael Schwartz.

And here are those screenshots, thanks Mike! Check out that mise-en-scène.

Bright Phoebus

Have a slice.

Meow meow.

Not dead.

Dead and mostly 'armless. Hanged?

Sunny with a chance of Cher.

Ready to Punch someone.

Why so nervous, Ingrid?

This might be the band GOAT, I'm not sure.


Edward Woodward sees the Wicker Man.

Oh no.

Daniel my brother, do you still feel the pain . . .

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 2: The Wicker Man (1973), pt. 2

It's here, it's back, it took an awful lot of editing.

Here's the link for the Cinefantastique article from 1977!: 

Here's the link for the Wicker wiki:

Here's the link for a good Wicker Man facebook group:

Here's the Folk Horror Revival event this Saturday:

Here's the Folk Horror Revival event in July:

Here are some screen captures, courtesy of Mike:

Gently Giovanni

Summerisle in the Shadows


The Rattlin' Bog -- I think you'll find this familiar . . .

Baby and Zygote


They let them wear skin colored clothing

Mr. Cackles

Punchin' the 'Oss

Who Were Those Masked Men?

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