Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another folk horror podcast!

Got in touch with the fine curator of Bone and Sickle, a great podcast about folklore and horror. I'd strongly recommend it. Go here: to check it out!

The Folk Horror Podcast, Episode 0: The WHAT Podcast!?!?!

Hello! And welcome to this blog -- the official blog of Candle-Ends Media, and The Folk Horror Podcast! You can subscribe to the podcast on your podreader of choice, or just listen below!

In Episode 0 of The Folk Horror Podcast, I've included a discussion that Mike Schwartz and I had back in 2015 about folk horror for my podcast "Hunting for Candle-Ends.". Originally I labelled the episode "Folk Horror, pt. 1" -- I guess you could say that Part 2 is this brand new podcast!

I also discuss a little bit about the broad definition of folk horror I'm using. Stay tuned for May 1, Beltane, when Mike and I discuss in full the classic 1972 "Wicker Man!"

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