Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 12: Viy (1967), pt. 1

Hello. We're back. And talking about the first and only Soviet horror movie, Viy, based on the short story by Gogol. This episode is an hour of background discussion, including biographical information about Gogol, of Eastern European mythology, and about Russian and Soviet cinema in general. We'll get to the actual scene-by-scene discussion in part 2.

Here's the audio:

Here are some things we discussed in the episode:

Excerpt from the 1915 movie "Portrait" based on a Gogol story:

A russian historian criticizes the most recent Viy remake:

Some good Russian biographical information about Gogol, including a little excerpt from the letter to his mother we mentioned (couldn't find more at the moment).

Great article in Brooklyn magazine, all about the movie Viy, including a discussion of "kotliarevshchyna."

Soviet documentary about Gogol:

Excerpt from Jim Henson's Storyteller, The Soldier and Death:

Trailer for Viy 2, starring Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger: