Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Folk Horror Podcast Episode 10: Tam Lin or The Devil's Widow (1970), pt. 1

Happy Halloween, and welcome back! Sort of a Halloween episode here, although we had been planning to do Tam Lin for some time. But the original Tam Lin story IS a Halloween story, as shown in Robert Burns' famous version here.

You can see the full movie on YouTube here though both Mike and I were much happier with the film once we got our hands on blu-rays of the movie.

In order the streamline the whole editing process, Mike is my cohost from the beginning. We talk about the Evolution of Horror Podcast and their 17-part Folk Horror series, some Halloween suggestions, and some background on the film -- we even manage to talk scene by scene . . . . through the first few scenes of the movie at least.

We also feature audio from the difficult to locate introduction to the 1997 VHS release of Tam Lin from Roddy McDowall himself. Thanks to Zoe at Not Just Yesterday: The Roddy McDowall Podcast! Some great stills from the set of the movie on her site here as well as her take on the movie.

Also wanted to mention the incredible http://www.tam-lin.org which is a rich and wonderful site. There are plenty of screen captures there.

And now the audio! Though by now everyone's using a podcast reader, right?