Sunday, June 14, 2015

c60: Jesus Freak Show -- Heaven On Their Minds

Ok, here's the setlist of the first hour of my show. In retrospect I probably should've saved the listener's request for Frank Zappa's "Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk" until after the main set since, while it could be said to be pro-Jesus, didn't really fit with the 60s-70s theme (it was recorded in 1988).

Would take me a little bit of work to get the audio up, but I will if there's interest.

Looks like I neglected to name everything I played originally when I was making the playlist. Hopefully this is accurate

The Byrds, "Jesus is Just All Right," Ballad of Easy Rider
Jack Van Impe, Excerpt from The Hooked Generation
Ralph Carmichael, Kurt Kaiser, "Natural High," Natural High
The Gospel Couriers, "Turn Me On, Light Me Up," More of the Gospel Couriers
Dust and Ashes, "Talkin Jesus Freak Blues," The Lives We Share
"If God is Dead," I Wonder
The New World "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Merv Rosell, Excerpt from Vietnam Voices
Frank Zappa, "Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk," Broadway the Hard Way
"Heaven On Their Minds," Jesus Christ Superstar
"The Head Muggis," The Carpenter
All Saved Freak Band, "Messed Up," Brainwashed
Ralph Carmichael, "I Looked for Love," I Looked for Love
Cliff Barrows, "The Man," Exciting Songs on the Way
Campus Life Presents, "Jesus Band" Friends
Godspell, "Day by Day"

Here's some pictures of funky albums, not necessarily all which I played:

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