Saturday, May 30, 2015

Your Own Personal Forgotten Singer-Songwriter setlist, audio, and pictures

So here's the audio of the first hour of my 5/30 show. Little bit of St. James there at the beginning.

Here's the setlist for that first hour:

Douglas Adams, "The Painter" from Light Rain
Whole Wheat, "Chicago (For Donna, Sheila, Jesse and the People)" from All the Balloons
Carla Sciaky, "Harmonies" from To Meet You
Wichita Fall, "Going to Ohio" from Life is But A Dream
Dennis Lambert, "Bags and Things" from Bags and Things
Hanford, Bloom and Mazzacane, "Let Me Hold You For Awhile"
Mara!, "Streets of Forbes" from Images
Bennett Hammond, "Fetch the Doctor" from Walking on Air
Fred and Jenny Armstrong-Park, "Mister Fox (Pole & Yarnell)" from Wild Hog in the Woods
John Hartford, "Before They Tow My Car Away" from Iron Mountain Depot
Susan Taylor, "Through the Looking Glass" from Finally Getting Home
Sam Weis, "Deb at Work" from Hologram
Scott Appel, "Leaving" from Glassfinger

And finally, here are some pictures of cool album covers!

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  1. Great show, Neil! At least a few great finds on here. Spotify may not be of much use, but YouTube is always there. At some point everything might be discovered and even these songs may end up on a compilation by Cherry Red Records or Castle Music but until then, keep playing the obscure stuff!