Sunday, June 8, 2014

Marxist Minstrels Setlist

Below you'll find the setlist for my June 5, 2014 Marxist Minstrels show -- it went pretty well. I had some station matters to attend to but had planned everything out enough that I could go on autopilot for a little while.

The interesting thing I noticed about what Rev. Noebel had to say is that most of it was not inaccurate -- his facts were pretty solid! Now, what you interpret from those facts is, where you might differ. . .

So here's the list -- I took out some electronica I played as a bed for soundbites (and most of the songs I played after the main content was over.)

Lulu Belle and Scotty I'm No Communist
The Almanac Singers Talking Union
Pete Seeger Solidarity Forever
The Weavers Pay Me My Money Down
Pete Seeger Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Woody Guthrie This Land is Your Land
Malvina Reynolds Little Boxes
Sis Cunningham No More Store Bought Teeth
Ewan MacColl Dirty Old Town
Chad Mitchell Trio Moscow Nights
Earl Robinson Black and White
Joan Baez Blowin in the Wind
Bob Dylan Ballad of a Thin Man
New Lost CIty Ramblers When First Unto this Country
Guy Carawan We Shall Overcome
Cisco Houston The Tramp
Phil Ochs I Ain't Marchin Anymore
The Serendipity Singers Beans in My Ears
Phil Ochs Draft Dodger Rag
Dave Van Ronk Willie the Weeper
New Christy Minstrels Hallelujah I'm a Bum
Bessie Smith Careless Love
Burl Ives Foggy Foggy Dew
Earl Robinson Joe Hill
Long Haired Preacher Harry McClintock
Mats Paulson Should I Ever Be a Soldier
Alexander Zelkin Meadowland
Woody Guthrie Jesus Christ
Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction
Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips The Internationale

Bonus Track: Antiflag 1914

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